In the past year, millennials and teens have been accused of killing the Olympics, breakfast cereal, the workplace, cars, credit cards, McDonald's, Home Depot, manners, class, golf, all of retailing, running, and paper napkins. (These are all real examples!)

Beyond their kombucha-fueled rampage through countless industries, young people are consistently called lazy, self-centered, narcissistic, and entitled. (Now this is a great Google hole to fall into.) They’re also maligned for their use of technology, mostly by older generations that have no idea how to use said technology.

Taken at headline value, millennials (and the teens coming of age behind them) are the most problematic generation in modern history.

But this narrative could not be more wrong. and its consultancy arm, TMI Strategy, conducted its 2016 Survey of Young People and Civic Participation and found that America's young people are highly engaged in their communities and the world at large. They volunteer at high rates and use technology to not only connect with peers but also as effective tools to improve their communities, Plus, they view their generation as central to fixing the problems they inherited. And all this while being the healthiest and most responsible generation yet. Wow.

Read on. And let these young people surprise you.