The Client:


The Reality:

The negative stigma surrounding gap time is pervasive in the US. In people’s collective consciousness, taking a gap year is synonym to wasting time. Gap years are perceived as breaks that don’t add value to one’s professional development.     

The Ask:

How can we change perceptions about and motivate students to participate in a volunteer-based bridge year program before enrolling in college? An added challenge: this one costs money to join.  

The Work:

TMI created an engagement plan to educate and inspire students to apply to Global Citizen Year. The plan included compelling communications content, the implementation of text-based outreach, and an alumni + student program created to build a stronger sense of community. The result? A 34% yoy increase in Global Citizen Year’s application volume. 


global citizen year

Our team loved working with TMI, and we were absolutely more effective in engaging young people thanks to our work together. This was one of the best investments we made all year. TMI raised the bar for what we expect from consultant-client relationships.
— Erin Lewellen, Chief Operating Officer, Global Citizen Year
TMI is the strongest consulting relationship we’ve had so far. They’re creative, honest, and accountable – exactly what we need from our external advisors!
— Aparna Kothary, Manager, Admissions, Global Citizen Year