The Client:


The Reality:

Young people’s access to computer science is incredibly limited resulting in curbed interest. On top of that is that current messaging to young people, particularly from underserved communities and young women, doesn’t align with their experiences and passions.    

The Ask:

How can we generate excitement about computer science and technology among young people–specifically girls and underserved minorities?  

The Work:

In 2014, TMI created the “Everyone Starts Somewhere” campaign and recruited top YouTube influencers Fine Brothers and iJustine to promote Hour of Code. In 2015, we created fun and compelling facilitation guides that Microsoft employees used to motivate middle, high school, and college students at hundreds of Hour of Code events worldwide. These guides have been used in 50 countries and 20 different languages.

Through these efforts, we tripled the reach of Microsoft’s coding-related campaigns resulting in significant increases in participation of Microsoft’s computer science education programs across the globe. Microsoft has since hired TMI to develop its marketing strategy for unifying all its YouthSpark initiatives globally and elevating impact in FY2017.